Vehicle Lettering

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Utilizing trucks, vans, and vehicles as mobile signage is probably the  most efficient method of outdoor advertising and is an outstanding value as well. However, few areas of the sign trade have changed more than the methods involved in the production of vehicle lettering, graphics, and advertising. Trucks, trailers, vans, and even cars can become moving billboards seen by thousands as they travel.

Regarding vehicle lettering, we were taught to follow the rule of the “Double F’s” (Fast and Far). Adhering to this rule requires keeping the business’ name clear (bold) so that the name would be read quickly (Fast) and from the greatest distance possible (Far). Unfortunately, with the advent of digital printing, fills, eye candy, and pictorials, picking out the business’ name and services has sometimes become an exercise in eye concentration similar to “Where’s Waldo”. Wal Mart, among others, religiously follows the Fast and Far method of vehicle advertising. Although generic, these trucks and trailers can be read in mere seconds and be seen a mile away as they travel down the interstate. We do not suggest that the lettering should look plain, but at least the business name should be first priority, legible, and seen as far as possible. If you are considering “wrapping” up a huge sum of money on vehicle lettering that’s going to look “Slow & Close” with too many fills and graphics, instead, think “Fast & Far”. When you call us, we’ll happily use a few pictorials and some eye candy, but we’ll hammer your business name to the viewer like we used a velvet covered sledge hammer.

  • Allow the potential customers to read the message quickly and at maximum distance.
  • Permanent two-part paint, unlimited colors, and clear coats for maximum durability.
  • Removable non-catalyzed paint for leased vehicles.
  • Vinyl graphics and lettering also available.

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